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Gun Griffon: Allied Strike
Gungriffon: Allied Strike takes place in a hostile futuristic world where there is little hope for survival among the human race. The earth's resources have been exhausted and people are continuously splitting into groups to fight for what is left of it.
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Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly Director’s Cut
Special Director's Cut edition, exclusively for the Xbox, features a brand new FPS mode, new survival mode, enhanced graphics and sound, plus an array of newly added features to the unique camera weapon, making it the most chilling game to date in the Fatal Frame series!
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Blood and Violence
Dead or Alive Ultimate

The Dead or Alive Ultimate deal you can't afford to miss! The first 250 lucky people to pre-order Dead or Alive Ultimate at Tecmo's online store will receive a special edition Kasumi doll. The one-of-a-kind Kasumi doll, sporting her new Xbox inspired costume, is the ultimate collector's item for the ultimate DOA fan. To get it, pre-order now!! Don't miss out on this super sweet freebie! Pre-order your Dead or Alive Ultimate game now!!

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Ninja Gaiden

As Ryu Hayabusa you are out to seek revenge after your clan is massacred by the Vigor Empire. Realistic battle actions and acrobatic ninja moves are at your finger-tips. You play with only your wits, your ninja skills, and your deadly sword. Slice down opponents in the Vigor Empire as you attempt to beat the Holy Emperor and reclaim the magic sword "Ryuken".

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Blood, Gore and Violence
Dead of Alive 3: Platinum Hits

The million-selling fighting game from Tecmo, Dead or Alive 3 has gone platinum! Experience the game that took fighters to the next level and gaming editors praised as the future of fighting games! Boasting state-of-the-art graphics, awe-inspiring interactive environments, an incredible 4-player tag battle feature, and a cast of gorgeous female characters . . . Dead or Alive 3, is not just a fighting game but a phenomenon! Don't be stuck in the past . . . The future is here. Are you ready?

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Mature Sexual Themes, Violence
Dead or Alive Xtreme Vollyball

The extreme action is transported from the fighting ring of Dead or Alive 3 to the beach. But this time around the girls are throwing on their bikinis to go head-to-head in the most outrageous beach volleyball game you have ever seen!

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Mature Sexual Themes, Gambling, Nudity
Fatal Frame

Find yourself immersed in world full of supernatural spirits and sheer terror as you become the heroine, Miku, whose journey begins with the mysterious disappearance of her brother. Armed with just an . . .

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Blood, Gore and Violence
Dead or Alive 3

Dead or Alive 3 takes you to places you’ve only dreamed of. Drool over the lush fighting environments and multi-tiered stages as you kick, punch and throw your opponents over balconies, through walls, and off of cliffs! Gorgeous graphics, outstanding realism and super-smooth gameplay leaves you begging for more.

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Mature Sexual Themes
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