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Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly Director’s Cut

Blood and Violence

What you didn't see the first time around will scare you even more…

Special Director's Cut edition, exclusively for the Xbox, features a brand new FPS mode, new survival mode, enhanced graphics and sound, plus an array of newly added features to the unique camera weapon, making it the most chilling game to date in the Fatal Frame series! The story follows the horrifying journey of Mio and her twin sister, Mayu, as this lost village and a strange, symbolic crimson butterfly lead them on a strange and frightful journey that will leave you trembling for more.

"…one of the single best horror games of all time." - Game-Over.net

"Three words survival horror fans, three words: Scary-as-hell." - IGN.com

  • New FPS Mode: Tensions will arise in this new first person view mode where limited sight brings new insecurities to the player, immersing them completely in the terrifying world of Fatal Frame.
  • New Survival Mode- Only the strong will survive in a new thrilling mode created only for the Xbox version where players get their thrills and chills from fighting multiple ghosts that attack them one after the other.
  • Enhanced Graphics and Sound- Fear is multiplied in this new version with unworldly uses of light and shadow that add to the eerie effect of the game. 5.1 channel sound brings new heights in fear as players will be able to hear the spine-tingling sounds of the premonition right before they attack.
  • Enhanced Camera Combat System- a variety of new features have been added to update the camera making it a more powerful phantom killer than ever before
 Blood and Violence 
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